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Packaging reference

We're proud to share information about completed projects. It's our policy to work discrete and therefor we don't expose customer names.

Interim management

2016 Project management aggregation units various pharma manufacturers (Netherlands)  Pharma
Feasibility study reinstallation study aseptical bottling line (Netherlands) Health / life science
2015 Project management aggregation units various pharma manufacturers (Netherlands) Pharma
Capex project OCV vision inspection system for blister lines (Belgium) Pharma
Flow analyses / plant design of food ingredients (Netherlands) Food
Capex tender calculations (Germany) Personal care
2014 Logistical and packaging concept frozen beverages (Netherlands) Health / life science
Bottle neck analyses + capex liquid packaging lines Personal Care
FMEA analyses product packaging process (Belgium) Pharma
6-Sigma plant improvement projects (staff and equipment) analyses (Belgium) Food
Design logistical process packing operation (Belgium) Logistics
Re-shape automation services (Netherlands) Service company
2013 Staff training & plant analyses (Belgium) Food
Robot tube packing operation (Germany) Personal care
Food bulc packing lines (Netherlands) Food
Set up tablet packing operation (Belgium) Pharma
Can packing project (Germany) Personal care
Greenfield: toothpasre manufacturing plant (Germany) Personal care
Automate bottle packing several lines (Germany) Personal care
Labout saving line analyses (Poland) Personal care
Re-shape logistic packing process (Netherlands) Logistics
2012 Organize manufactuting area (Netherlands) Personal care
Delivery sachet aplication (France) Personal care
Labelling application (Germany) Chemicals
Rationalize frozen food packing application (Netherlands) Food
Delivery satchet application (Mexico) Personal care
2011 Project Management: Pre-study and install new line (Germany) Personal care
Project Management: Optimisation packing and making processes (Germany) Personal care
Design of powder packing lines (Italy) Chemicals
Project Management: study reduce give away (Belgium) Retailer
2010 Project Management: Set up new factory Food
Project Management: Factory removal (United Kingdom) Various Co-packers
Senior Project Management (Netherlands) Various Co-packers
Manage new product introductions (UK & Germany) Various Co-packers
Manage capital investment projects (UK & Germany) Various
2009 Senior Project Management (United Kingdom) Co-packer
Reorganise sales office (Netherlands) Machine manufacturer
2008 Locate and implement manufacturig saving (United Kingdom) Personal care

Occassion sale and brokerage service

2015 Developped co-operation on lease for pre used equipment with Activum finance Personal Care
Developped co-operation for Germany based customers with BZW
Lauched new website
2014 Managed clearances sales from various locations Several industries
2013 Ongoing word wide sale, expanded storage space Several industries
Business expansions by more strategic alliances
2012 Door to door delivery added to service and succesfull exported aready to USA, Mexico, South America and most European countries Several industries
Esthablished strategic agreements for ongoing surplus sale of large companies:we need more stuff to sell Pharma
2011 Warehouse clearance sales (Germany) Personal Care
Located buyers and manage sale of Laudenberg sachet machines (Italy)
2010 Mile stone more than 4000 assets sold since active in the market (Worldwide) All
Locate buyers and sell on behalf of aministrators several pouch lines (France)
Locate buyers and mediation in sale cartoner line (Peru)
2008 Start with buy and sell for stock purposes (Worldwide) Packaging
2000 Start of sales activiteits (Netherlands) Packaging

Plant shutdown

2013 Prepared removal plan of a food factory (Netherlands) Food
2009 Dismantle and sale of Sare Lee factory (Spain) Personal care
Dismantle and sale of Budelpack plant (Netherlands) Home care
2008 Dismantle Unilever factory (Netherlands) Personal care


2014 Valuation packaging area agri culture packing company (Netherlands) Contract packer
2013 Contra expertise valuation reporting (Netherlands) Contract packer
2012 Pharmaceutical department (Belgium) Pharma
2011 Asset registration packing lines (Netherlands) Food
Pouch equipment (Denmark) Food
2010 Valuation production assets (Germany) Contract packer
2009 Inventory survey and valuation of two production sites to support buyer in factory negotiations (Germany) Contrackt packer
2008 Inventory survey nd valuation of surplus (United Kingdom) Personal care
<2008 Valuate, tag and lust factory inventories (various locations in Europe) Various
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