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Lease options for Benelux customers

Pre owned equipment advantages are lower investments and shorter delivery times. Many customers struggle with financing occassion equipment at their banks / leasing companies as values and conditions are difficult to explain to finance institutes.

It's for those customers that we've developped a unique partnership for the packaging industry in co-operation with Activum Finance.  Activum Finance is an independant broker & advisory for equipment - lease solutions for companies. Activum Finance realised last year a request volume of over € 600 mln and by doing so dominated its leading position of independant broker in the Benelux.

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Ever tried to finance occasion packaging or processing machines at your bank? For obvious reasons banks are reluctant in financing occasion equipment and it’s for this reason we have developed affordable leasing.   Leasing implicates: 

 + Higher speed to market: delivery times for occasions is simply faster

+ Strong reduced impact on cash flow


How it works:

  • Our team prepares the investment case based on equipment selection & setup costs;
  • Valuation of equipment needed;
  • Advise on feasibility of lease;
  • Get the best financial offers;
  • Manage to establish the leasing;
  • Manage to purchase / maintain / set up / install the equipment (optional)

Phi Equipment helps their customers on selecting equipment as well as full service project manufacturing support. It's this indepth market knowledge in combination with valuation and capex experience which contributes in finding the best affordable finance solutions.  For geographical reasons this service is offered to Benelux and Germany based customers only

Recent completed projects:

- Transfer Sollas overwrapper to lease construction (Netherlands)

- Transfer Woojung lipstick line to lease construction (Netherlands)

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Lease options for Benelux customers
  • Independent
  • Over 20 years in business
  • High service level
  • World wide support


View details of completed projects into different markets and segments.

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