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Packaging & production service: realize maximize return

Restructuring manufacturing processes 

Create flow, Faster throughput, less stock on site, optimised manpower versus affordable flexibiliy. We offer full analyses and roadmaps to get manufacturing to a higher level in 

  • Health, Beauty, Biotech industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Homecare and Chemicals
  • Food & Nutrition 


Process and project management

Organize and manage multi disciplinair teams in manufacturing and logistic processes 

  • Plant management
  • Change management
  • Cost reduction analyses and implementation 
  • Removals and restructuring
  • Serialization


Assesments and valuations

Value installed assets manufacturing processes or single machines or get a picture on assets you wish to source. We deliver equipment appraisals for:

  • Fair market and asset value listing
  • Financial lease inquiries (more ...)
  • New replacement costs value
  • Technical and operational assesments
  • updating fixed assests registers

Quick survey and professional reporting  


Remarketing  services

Sell equipment and factory inventories while production is still going. Phi-Equipment search for prospects and manages the entire sales process including necessary administration.

Our base principle is that we mediate between buyers and sellers as a broker but we're able to purchase your suplus as well. Proven reliability and successes where booked for banks, investors, auction houses, traders and factory owners. With a track record of thousands of projects worldwide we have proven to be capable of what so many companies promise to deliver.




  • Independent
  • Over 20 years in business
  • High service level
  • World wide support


View details of completed projects into different markets and segments.

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